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Piano Transport


Piano Transport

Moving a piano can be stress free and easy with Federal Moving. When moving your piano you should hire a professional piano moving service, and you may want to consider a white glove moving company. Pianos are sensitive pieces of equipment and moving a piano yourself can lead to damage to your piano, damage to your house, or even injury. Piano movers have years of experience that lets them move a piano safely and efficiently. Federal Moving will help you figure out how to ship a piano, give you some tips along the way, and help you get rates from reliable piano movers. If you need any help, please let us know, and we’ll get you back on the road.

A piano is one of the most delicate items to move. Not only is it a musical instrument sensitive to extreme temperatures and improper handling, it’s also a beautiful piece of furniture that must be protected against nicks and scratches.

Federal Moving & Storage helps safeguard your investment and heirloom by providing the specialized experience, protection, and insurance that piano moving requires.

Our movers are specifically trained to pad and stretch wrap all pianos or organs, and they are securely placed on a piano board or 4-wheel moving dolly for transportation. Our movers will remove legs, pedals, music stands, or anything else on the exterior of the piano, and ensure each receive the proper protection as they are loaded onto our trucks.

How We move the Piano:

Professionally Trained Movers

Proper Equipment

Piano Moving Packages

Padding to Protect your Piano